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The concept

Our goal is to feature the content on Deutsche Bank’s web pages in such a way that each visitor can easily access the information he or she is looking for.

We have designed our web pages to comply materially with the guidelines of the W3C consortium [World Wide Web Consortium]. The Consortium aims to create standards for the design of web pages based on standardised guidelines [WCAG - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines].

Our aim is not to slavishly implement these guidelines, but rather to customise the content according to users’ needs. Our global web design team aims to regularly monitor all online development against this goal.

We build our websites according to set rules and standards that intend to improve levels of user-friendliness. We aim to check our standards on an ongoing basis and adapt them to changing demands, based on the feedback we receive from the visitors.

What is accessibility?

Accessible Internet involves online services that can be used by everybody regardless of physical and/or technical abilities. This includes people with or without physical disabilities, as well as those with technical or age-related limitations. Web crawlers used by search engines to copy the content of web pages are also given the best possible support.

Structure of the Deutsche Bank Australia website

The Deutsche Bank Australia website consists of five sections:

The “Company” section provides an overview on key information relating to the Deutsche Bank Group. It describes the organisation and the brand identity together with recent awards and league tables.

The “Products & Services” section has an overview of the different business units that make up Deutsche Bank in Australia with the products and services they offer.

The “Press” section is geared towards journalists and contains press releases and useful contact information.

The “Social Responsibility” section provides an overview on Deutsche Bank’s approach to its social, cultural and environmental commitments.

For those who would like to join Deutsche Bank as a staff member, the “Careers” section offers relevant background on HR-related issues.

The website’s tools and functions

1) Font size

Visitors can choose the font size that best enables them to read the content by using the so-called “access keys” (see below)

2) Access keys

Many web browsers support so-called “access keys”. A combination of keys will allow the user to directly employ certain functions or access specific areas of the website.

Visitors using the Internet Explorer will need to simultaneously press Alt + Access key + Enter. The code for Firefox users is Alt + Shift + Access key.

Below is a reserved list of access keys for the Deutsche Bank website:


1 Home
2 Company
5 Responsibility
6 Careers
7 Legal Notice
8 Privacy
0 Accessibility


- Use small font size (preset)
+ Use large font size
0 Reset font size

3) Description of links

ALT Tags in graphics
All of the images in our content sections have been given ALT Tags that describe the respective image. This allows persons with physical and/or technical limitations to collect the information provided by the image and respective descriptions using help programs (such as a screen reader).

Each link on a web page – including all internal and external links as well as downloadable documents – has been given a descriptive text.

The links can be used, even if the Java Script function has been turned off.

4) Compliance with standards

We aim to have all the pages of this website materially compliant with the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines” or “General Principles of Accessible Design” from the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) Working Group of the W3C. The pages were created on the basis of W3C's XHTML 1.0.

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Last Update: January 12, 2018
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